Mattress Descriptions / Firmness levels: The firmness of a mattress boils down to the initial feel when you first lie on the mattress. It’s important to note that firmness is not the same as support.  it’s important to remember that firmness is subjective. Specific comfort needs, your age, gender, body type, weight, and a number of other factors play into how a mattress feels to you, and your perceptions of the feel will change the firmness rating you would give that mattress. "Firm" - When you first lie down, the mattress may immediately push back with a stiff sleeping surface.  "Plush" - More of a cloud-like comfort with lots of cushion and immediately contours and hugs sleepers.  "Mid Firm" - A balanced level of push-back, hug, and contour.

Mattress Returns: During this period with Covid 19 all mattress sales will be final.  No refunds or returns.  We do our best to describe the mattresses but with the doors to our stores currently closed to shoppers there is no way for you to try before you buy. 

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